Lenny Amanita

is internationally recognised artist with her ​​own studio and workshop in  Denmark, and has lived by and for her art for more than a dozen years.

Exhibitions, promotions & projects.

During the last few years Lenny were making exhibitions Denmark, Macedonia and Bulgaria.



2012 - projekt RETHINK-DK




Amanita's Art was chosen to be part of this Kultur event.  

The art piece is caled NaturO´Meter and presents the battle between the Nature and cars. NaturO'Meter is placed infront of Scandinavian Congres Center in Aarhus.

This Art Projet is made together with blacksmith Lasse Gakhausen -Dk.

Process of making and the final look can be seen here.

Here is interview  for the lokal newspaper about the Projekt NaturO meter 


2011- projekt ARTDOORS

One of the projects in Denmark was the Artdoors project in Hobro 2011. In this project Artists are invited to donate a work of art made on, by or out of an old recycled door. The artwork is sold to companies all over the world and all the money we get from selling these artworks is put into new forests around the world.


    Lenny Amanita made one 120years old door in to a beautiful art piece, which was sold for 2000 usa$  on the museum in Hobro before was even finished. And hopefully will live 120 more years J. Happy and proud to donate this door and giving a part of my energy to this beautiful project and amazing movement with wonderful motto to save the forest and trees.                             

Motivation to donate this door is love for everything that is in contact with nature and everything I do is to live in harmony with it.

Name of our door is "Yggdrasil"-tree of life.

Yggdrasil is the giant ash from the Nordic mythology that holds the sky up. Every day keeps the gods things under its vault.

The tree has three roots that extend into other realms for three sources and many ancient gods and goddesses.

This project was viewed in an closed exhibition by the Queen of Denmark. The only art project she wanted to see on her 2011 tour was Artdoors!

you can read more (page 6) here


 2011- exhibition in Glastank in Hobro -DK  

Lenny Amanita-MK together with artist Peter Viskinde-DK

here is link from the lokal newspaper promoitng the exhibition